NOTE: Most if not all of the authors included below have written multiple books in this genre, many of which I highly recommend. For the purposes of this site, I've only listed one title per author. 

THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL A British actress on holiday is lured into the world espionage.

PUBLISHED:    1983

MY RATING:   ★★★★ 

STARDUST A young man attempts to learn the truth behind his brother's death in post-WWII Hollywood.


MY RATING:   ★★★★ 

THE KEY TO REBECCA A gripping thriller set in North Africa during World War II. 

PUBLISHED:    1980

MY RATING:   ★★★★ 

SLOW HORSES The first book in a fantastic series about MI5 misfits.


MY RATING:   ★★★★1/2

THE IPRESS FILE A British intelligence officer investigates the disappearance of an esteemed scientist. 


MY RATING:   ★★★★ 

OUR MAN IN HAVANA A former vacuum-cleaner salesman turned reluctant spy gets in over his head.

PUBLISHED:    1959

MY RATING:   ★★★★  

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