In this historical thriller set at the beginning of World War I, a young Jay Gatsby finds himself working as a foreign spy. The unexpected appearance of a woman from his past, famed journalist Ella Kaye, soon complicates his mission. Racing through war-torn Europe, entangled in a dangerous web of lies, they struggle to maintain the secrets that will keep them each alive.

Agent Gatz: A Great Gatsby Prequel 

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THE GRADUATION TRIP OF A LIFETIME COMES WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES. For six friends, two weeks at a sprawling mansion on a private island in the Caribbean seems like a dream come true. But it's more like a nightmare. And not just for them. La Isla del Cordero isn't just a vacation property, after all. Trapped on the island. Threatened by an unknown assailant. Will they uncover the truth in time to make it off the island alive? 

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